Thursday, November 18, 2004

oh well...

i guess since i've got like 2 comments here, my blogging ain't that bad! haha... i would half congratulate myself for a good job... =) hey laj, forgive me lar... i din mean to copycat ppl wan... but u know i'm just full of shit so obviously the first thing that comes to my mind on a blank piece of thing is SHIT lar... hahaha... haih... anyways, i can't remember a thing i wrote previously so i guess i'll write what's on my mind now... lemme see... have to think... actually no need to think also... kena kutuk like right here, right now by the person just mentioned. =( but as my usual self i don't give a shit (also cos i'm just full of it) i guess i deserve my fair share of insults from ppl as i give out... it's actually quite a nice past time u know... i mean insulting ppl to the ground... it actually takes alot of talent and skill! honest! haha. first rule. u gotta know who to and not to insult. not everyone can hack this kinda shit and before u know it, u'll be having a perang dingin and a friend lost. but on the other hand, some ppl really deserve it and it really doesn't matter whether they're around or not. i just really cant stand ppl who think they're all that. it really gives me pleasure to shove it up their face and see their faces turn to hard shit colour - black. haha. then the joy begins. they try to save whatever ego they have left and try to get the rest back from u by coming back with more 'impressive' kok tok... haha. then u take them down again and again. sweet. then they'll come to a point where they're just empty? angry? bitter? i dunno what they feel then... haven't been there. =) basically, i guess they're just trashed to bits. this is where they'll go off trying to play it cool and prolly find some dumb ass to reinflate their bitterly battered ego. just another vicious cycle in life. ahh... life.

i just read what i wrote and it makes me sound like i'm some kinda bully getting pleasure from other ppl's discomforts. haha. ya it does. putting ppl down to push urself up. oh well, whatever lar. like i give a shit. but honestly these ppl deserve it. cockers.

anyways, moving on... insulting other ppl i.e; friends is just so very fun. hey! u guys know i don't mean it! love ya guys! i guess the 'trick' to it is that u insult them with something that is obviously not true and rub it in. haha. good shit. put's a smile on my face anytime, anywhere. =)

haih... no time for more shit. gotta meet jo for our dose of a drug called foosball... and i'm late. gonna get screwed upside down and inside out. how nice. haha.

Monday, November 08, 2004


well, i've finally gotten myself to put some of my well over due shit and crap in here. i guess i never really started cause i'm scared i'll prolly never stop once i've started... yes, i'm actually self admitted quite cheong hei and long winded once it comes to putting words down. i bet ppl close to me must have realised that stuff like my smses are indeed quite long... i think. whatever, i think i'm a person who gets pleasure in knowing and giving out details. i don't just wanna know what happened in the end... i dont really care actually, basically i just want the incee weenie bitsy details... that's the fun part man! just like the quote u taught me ji, God is in the Details. yeah it very well is. dont get me wrong that i'm so that much pat/bzbd (which i prolly am anyway) but when u have details ya, u can actually practically feel yourself then and there. it's like ur experiencing it yourself. in life, you cant go through everything yourself... first of all you cant be in everybody's shoe at one time, duh... and there's alot of thing's i think most ppl would rather not try literally... so i guess the next best thing is, rip it off sombody else lar... haha. prolly because of that i feel and think that i'm like really old and already has gone through alot of shit and "life"... i kinda sometimes feel i've gone through more shit than i really actually have... yeah, i'd like to think i'm admitting now to the world that i'm actually just bull shit... i dont really think the shit i've been through is very bad... if i could have survived it, i guess it's prolly not really "proper" bad shit is it? or is it actually about how the shit is supposed to be taken? or thrown back? or swallowed? it's quite a wonder sometimes... how do ppl actually rate how bad a piece of shit is anyway? like to some ppl ya, breaking a nail is really bad shit... and to some, they've been molested by their entire freakin' family! hmmm... sounds quite disturbing huh... but that's just life i guess. brain tired for now... thanks to alot of exercise for the past few days actually... ;p~ will continue some other time. hmmm... not as bad as i thought... as in cheong hei lar... *yawn*... *piak* (some saliva ejaculates to the screen) nites. =)