Wednesday, August 10, 2005

i think the haze haze is getting to me

hey there,
i'm in a funny mood today.
nothing particulary bad or good happened today.
i neither feel sad nor happy.
i'm not really tired but not energetic either.
i don't feel down or up.
i feel like nothing's really clear but it's not blur.
i'm not jaded but not not jaded either.
i don't feel as optimistic as i normally do but i'm not pesimistic either.

why do i not feel myself today?
why do i have these days?
why do have so many questions but no answers?
why do i have so many questions?
why do i want to know everything?
do i really want to know the answer to everything?
can i take and accept the answer to everything?
is it better to know or not?

to know is to hurt
truth often hurts

to ignore is to be ignorant
ignorance is bliss

which is the better of these two evils?

sometimes i see what not to see
sometimes i can't see what to see
sometimes i feel what i should not
sometimes i feel not what i should
sometimes emotions blinds me
sometimes i blind emotions
sometimes i do what is needn't
sometimes i don't do what is needed
sometimes what seems right is wrong
sometimes the wrong is actually right
sometimes i say what i don't mean
sometimes i don't say what i mean
sometimes i take what i shouldn't
sometimes i should take what i don't


good night.