Thursday, February 19, 2009

thou shalt not follow the queering voices of Nether .

the black hole . absence . truancy . and more void within .

it's emptiness longs fervency . it's desolation entices the curious .

they're alluring forces of the greatest . enchantment of the wrong kind .

insinuating and invasive . evocative and intorently redolent .

sweet aughts of your fiend will tingle the blind taste of reminescence .

the wistful wickedly lusts unconscious hope .

drawing on . drawing near . drawing close .

almost too close . Too close, maybe, for comfort .

nothing is there . and nothing will ever be .

lusting for the abyss ?

extrication, your best bet .

Hope for life, i would suggest .

the black hole i know as my Mind, beckons .

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Gape as the fangs of a fairy taste you .

Seethe my friend , for it is it's dirty eyes which hurt you .

Swallow your pride, as the bitter pill of pique excites you .

Bite it, that atramentaceous tongue who stole your soul .

Come now, eyes to the back of your crown.

Stellar awaits .