Saturday, August 11, 2007


yeah i don't know what it means either.. this word keeps popping up in my head for the last hour.. hold on a mom and let me wiki it and see if it actually exists.. *wiki-ing* well, good news and bad news. bad news ALways first.. there is NO such word as irridiction.. surprise surprise.. and the GOod news is that the closest to it is irridiation. meaning?

ir·ra·di·a·tion [i-rey-dee-ey-shuhn]


1.the act of irradiating.

2.the state of being irradiated.

3.intellectual or spiritual enlightenment.
4.a ray of light; beam.

5.Optics. the apparent enlargement of an object when seen against a dark background.

6.the use of x-rays or other forms of radiation for the treatment of disease, the making of x-ray photographs, the manufacture of vitamin D, etc.

7.Exposure or the process of exposure to x-rays or other radiation.

hmm... why good news? maybe because of meaning number 3 and 4... or maybe number 2.. which might mean i got cancer and am gonna die soon.. hmm.. sounds appealing, yum. quite contradicting to my liking for meaning number 1 and 2 right. well, i think i'm hoping for meaning 2 and 3 but right now, i'm pretty much hoping for number 2.

i havent actually blogged for 2 years ++ now. well, i guess i can say thats the amount of time that i havent been fucked up. well, since i'm back here again means i'm fucked up again. i read my last post and i can so remember those times. again again again and again. such a cycle that i adore and despise so much.

usher's burn is playing on my radioblogclub line up again. just like those time with him. those nights waiting and wondering. those times where i fucked up another poor soul and another awaiting. reminiscence. haih.. deja vu. again. hah.. confessions part 2 on now.. haha..i'm feeling those times again. i think my friend would more than know what. everything that's good in my life goes crash boom bang by my own hands.

to be continued. dota first.

. . . . . .

its the day after actually.. am i'm in betweemn

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