Monday, January 26, 2009

In due time, I will let you crawl the the wells of my heart and bury the blades deep within .

Mourn not as fragments of stone and sparks impales your skin and sets me to, The Opaque .

The introitus Ether .

The intervented Abstruse .

The enigmatic Plague .

Far away in the burning forest of bygones and black winter roses ,

I shall tap my shoes to the dance of the imps .

Put the poison pill to my ear, and .

Sovereign the explicit somberness of me and a deathly blood sucking dove .

And to you too, Bane .


  1. nothing much babes . just some words who happened to bump into each other and landed up being in my pathetic little blog post . :) and yes, i used WHO on purpose . LOLS .