Saturday, February 12, 2005


i'm here in jo's place since god knows when with nothing to do but stare at each other's boobs and play around wit it a little but after some time i realise it's not fair cos i got too much to play and she has to nothing to... -_-

anyway, sorry lar, i no time to update this shit cos i've been like so damn fucking busy ler... u can tell from the amount of pix i've been uploading in my multiply account.

anyway, ky's here and jo just had her bath and i'm going to take mine now cos we're gonna go n catch constatine in mv. well hope your holidays arent as good as mine... =p

well, i just got a comment from ky cos i guess he heard me double pressing the enter button... guess paragraphing is better for the good of my dear friends... =) see how i love u guys...

anyways, i'll be starting my training on the 21st of feb (this month, in case u've been stuck in front of your for way too long.. =p )

hehe... how's my paragraphing skills going on? see?! i learn fast! =p

anyway, i'll find a day to really unload my shit cos there's been quite a lot of shit built up... i've written a few pieces about some bizarre shit that has happened. =)

hang in there... consider this as a teaser hehe... =P

well, til then, keep on buggin me with ur comments till my asshole finally blows open and release it here hehe.

this was supposed to be a really short post to say "hi and i'll be back" but just look... i'm just too full of shit... summore supposed to get to mv asap cause couldnt book tickets!

okok! ciao now! lotsa hugs kissies n farts! =p phutttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt


  1. I've been waiting for an update for ages.. guess it finally came. Complaining though J-Lo actually works ar. Guess I should beep her more often :)

  2. BEEN AGES, Jess, stop humping and start blogging.

  3. please.... update ur... damn blog... darling....