Monday, January 17, 2005

need to pee...

when i finally got down to starting this thing, i need to go piss... damn. lazy lar... i'll just hold it til i cant hold it no more hehe... doesnt help that it's freaking cold here. anyway... big apologies to my beloved blog "followers" and their consistant reminders to update my shit hole. =) hmm... i really wanted to make time to do this thing up but everytime i try to, i end up spending too much time on my other stuff like the silly friendster,multiply and email accounts, not to mention constant pop up chat screens. haihs... i think i really need to cut those crap before i can like really concentrate on this shit... there's like 2 yellow highlighted chatscreens at the bottom of my screen waiting for me to click it open to read n reply but i just feel to damn lazy to take my hand off the keyboard and move the freaking mouse. but i can do that to turn up the volume of my headphones cos livehouse is on launhcast with my fav song hangin by a moment... i'm standing here til u make me move... lalalala... hold on... think better give face to my 2 fellow msn-ers... hmmm... back.. still feel like peeing and still feeling too lazy to go... saw my baby bro wan online too... he just finished class... n got to rush his assignment... poor thing...

anyway, i think alot has happened since the last time i've been in here... let's start wit the medical check up thingie... well, after i drove to mandy's place at like 7 in the morning, woke her up from bed and made her pee into the lil plastic thing, took a tub of choc biscuits and kicked (not literally lar) her back into bed... i drove all the way back to subang in quite a stoned state... hey no artificial simulants were involved ok... =p i reached the office at about 8 a.m after a very slow and boring drive... i nearly fell asleep on the wheel damn it! it's been quite a while since that has happened. i think the last time was... ermm... god knows which job... it all seems quite a blur now haha... anyway, getting back to my story, i reached there at like 8 in the morning and i din know which block i was supposed to cos the place is not tiny k... so i just followed the visitor parking signboards and took me to the other end of the place... like right inside, thought it was already visitor parking so i parked into the nearest empty space i could see and nicely took a nap inside hehe. yeah i can sleep just about anywhere, anytime, anyhow. =) the alarm went off bout 8.30 but i only got my ass up bout 9 when a woman came up to my car and frantically knocked on my window telling me that i've parked on the head of counters parking and someone has parked behind me. oh great, just what i needed when i'm like having lack of sleep and carrying ppl's pee in my bag for not very good reasons, a haggered looking round plump woman who thinks she's prolly still in the cabin crew or something yelling at me with her OTT make up and stinky stench of cheap perfume. doesnt help either when my freaking car's stuck and inbetween a lil clift and a car who's owner probably isnt very pleased that ive taken his lot which he prolly worked his ass off for. damn i'm gonna have a bad day. went around the place trying to find the stupid place and finally a nice lil short malay woman offered to take me there via a staff's shortcut... hehe... she reminds me of my science teacher whom i cant recall her name... anyway, i was quite worried of how i'm gonna switch the pee n stuff cos i din know how they wanted it but the first thing they told me when i reached there was to take a paper cup and go to the toilet outside... i think an instant smirk came onto my face. happily i went to take the stuff and tried to hold myself from literally skipping to the ladies', did my transfer shit trying to make it as quiet as possible cos there's other chicks there n i wouldnt want them to know what i was up to wud i... =) went to pass it and sat down calmly quite pleased with myself hehe. the freaking thing took like agessss as usual... i think we finished bout 1/2 p.m. man... had to go to the kelana medical centre to do the x-rays n stuff... gawd they're so inefficient and slow. i think i pretty well aced my med check cos i din have to do anything twice unlike the others... they had to pee again cos they had too much period in it and stuff haha... and then one of them sponsered her pee to another gal whose pee got rejected! damn i had to go thru so much shit. shud've just arrived there begging for pee. argh. hehe. anyways, overall i think it went thru alright... even though i had a million and one hickies around the upper half of my body when i stripped for the doc interview! hahaha. i'm gotten quite close to one of the chicks there though... her name's imee and i think she's quite a brat in some ways. she had a driver drive her there in a waja but she's quite cute in a way with her lil malay slang-ish shrieks hehe. and she's ever so paranoidal. if that's how u spell it... she's called and msged me like a zillion times to see whether mas has called back n shit but it's all good. especially when i got to know she's a stoner chick too haha! yeah, she call me up on her med check up and asked me for some clean pee haha! hey! clean pee on demand! any donations?! =p anyways, no way i'm gonna go down to cheras for another tub from mandy and there's prolly not enuff time anyway! lucky for my beloved ah tien who lives just around the corner was available right on call so i just brought her over to the place to pee haha. thank god for good, normal and healthy friends hehe. it was funny when the nurse asked imee whether she's been taking alot of supplements cos it had nearly too much vitamin contents in it cause right before that, tien was commenting on how her pee looks just like the orange vitamin drink her bf's been making her drink hehehehe... dont think they called her back to get more pee cos she didnt asked or tell me bout it.

anyways, i really need to pee now cos i can just feel my pussy clenching up and using any and every muscle around the pelvic and vaginal area to hold it back from just bursting out of my pants and drip onto the floor.

adios and kisses from a person who'll prolly die from an overflow of piss or bladder outburst (whichever u think makes more sense) cos she's just too damn fucking lazy to just give a fuck. well not this time so save the bye bye's for next time... =)

whooopee dooo and off to the loo!


  1. That is by far.. the worse shiet I've got from you.. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww @_@

    Oh yea, isnt it "Lifehouse"? I always thought it's Lifehouse - Hanging By A Moment. That's like, the third 'house' crap I've heard. First was "Light House Family" or something with the song called "High" and the other was "House of Pain!!" with the song called "Jump Around" :)

  2. Still waiting for the your new entry. By the way, it helps to do some paragraphing... hehe


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