Wednesday, October 05, 2005

jampacked n full of shit

me i mean. litterally. i'm sitting here in an internet cafe as usual cause i dont have one of those fancy foldable gadgets nor those boxy space consuming stuff i.e laptops & pcs'. i was 10 minutes late for a class i could barely understand thanks to 2 heavily accented german ladies who were btw quite hot. good thing they were cancer wanting ppl cause that gives us a chance to join them every hour too. was hungry so i tried to squeeze my brunch in a ciggie break too which left me late again and missed out more barely understandable germglish. btw, i just made that word up. anyway, after about another hour or so, we got our lunch breack which was approximately 11.30... so much for jamming mouthfuls of beehoon goreng into my over groomed face as fast as a homeless grabs your half empty stylerene bla bla dunno how to spell boxes in to the bin... nehh, those white tarpau boxes which is bad for the enviroment wan... anyways, moving on... was yet again late for class which we're supposedly gonna have a "test". fyi, in this "test", we get to open our little manuals which consists half german n half english in very small fonts, but that's fine... and we get to ask each other for the answers n walk around helping others with their answer sheets. class / "work" ended at 2pm. yeah, u better stick ur fingers tighter together to contain the stuff that's commin outta ya puny lil mouth now.


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  2. did you just typed all that in one breath?