Wednesday, March 01, 2006


hey there again...

i'm here sitting alone in the dark of a gloomy, rainy evening. i've just realised that... I'M BECOMING MORE N MORE OF A BIMBO!!!

haha, honest. i think i've been calling myself a bimbo so much that i've unconsciously turn into one... a full blown one. haha again.

i realise that i'm talking more n more nonsense i.e. of things that my "normal" peer group probably can't ever relate or probably don't even give a fuck about i.e. work stuff i.e. airline stuff.

why am i presuming that everyone would know what the hell i'm talking about or even have any interest at all for that matter.

the worst part is i can't really seem to think of any other topic to talk about without

a) thinking bout it... i.e. REALLY think...

b) drifting the convervation back to work i.e. suddenly talk bout something that happened at work.

what the hell is happening?!?!?! argh!!!! if i were that other person i'd probably let them KNOW that I DON'T GIVE A FLYING FUCK!!!

oh well, i guess this just proves how damn lucky i am because i have the greatest friends in the whole wide world! though i honestly really can't say the same for myself. i think i'm a horrible, horrible friend.

Thanks so much for everything jo, char, and mun hon. where n what would i be without you guys.

Thanks for putting up with all the shit u guys put up with from me.

Thanks for all the support all these years no matter what

I wish i knew how to show my appreciation moreand

Love u guys much (though i know i piss the shit outta u guys!)

cheers to the greatest freinds in the world!


  1. *sob* i think i just felt a tear rolling down my cheek. eh, so not you wei.

    you are only human, you know. feel free to cry, scream, whack, throw a tantrum whenever you need to release your anger or sadness. The major problem with you is that you don't OPEN up! Make use of us! we are always here to listen. that's what friend are for right? ;)

  2. haha, wow. thanks a tonne. =)

    feels a lil weird talking so nicely to u haha.

    oh well, never too late to mend old ties.

    really gotta catch up wit ya soon.


  3. eh, biatch! when are you gonna come out of your hiding place and see me?

    miss your farking face la. heh.

  4. don cry..guai =) come i give u tang tang..