Sunday, February 12, 2006

high flyin life... or so?

hey there. long time no see... yeah yeah i know, heard it a million times already! the last just 2 hours ago. some ppl have to work ya know, i.e me! how's flying u ask? well, same question everytime n same answer for u guys too... like that la, same shit, different day, different place! no work means no money, no money means no going out, no going out means no life... and so far, i still dread to fly... so that's why havent been seeing alot of u guys often la... vicious cycle... fly also cannot, dont fly also cannot... haih... haha. how life is sometimes. dont get me wrong, its not that i hate my job, i actually quite like it. i guess i could say that i would be one of the few ppl in this world, or safer to say this country for that matter, who actually loves their job. i honestly like how simple the job is and am amazed at how well ppl can complicate it up for u. i like meeting all sorts of ppl and cant get enough of how amazingly weird and colourful their life stories and tales are. honest. it quenches n feeds to my thrist of "pat"ness just fine. and i'm not talking about the passengers, it's the crew themselves. it's like hearing it first hand from soap opera characters... but that's only on the better days. sometimes u get crew who just cant talking bout how much they know n how great they are n just tries to boss whoever they can around. argh, those bitchy ones, cant take that shit. then there's the quiet, timid n shy type. sometimes u just wonder why they join the airlines. ask them a sentence n they answer with just a word or less. or worst, the ones who just ignores u. now those arent the shy timid ones. they, these ones, are those who think themselves as goddess or so. too posh to talk to u, act like they know everything and everybody else doesnt. next we come to the guys. two types. the stewards, n stewardees. =) yeah, there arent just stewardess n stewards. there's also the many stewardees. - men with a great sense of humour, great manners, great grooming, great intuition n most importantly, great liking for men. haha. yeah, THEM. they're great companions, honest. lotsa stories,lotsa advice about everything under the sun especially bout beauty stuff. i really, REALLY give it to them. beauty gurus haha. and they really do go all out to get the men they want. first hand experience. spots a guy, think he's cute, comes n tells us all about it, we go out n check him out, give approval, he goes n gives the target some goodies n watch for reaction, if ok, approaches and askes where he's from chats, wait for reaction again, comes behind all excited n dancing around, get a piece of paper, writes his number on it, passes it to the target n askes for his too. wohla, kao tim. =) i think many of us girls should start taking lessons on how to pick up men from them. n these men they pick up aint minging. some of them look pretty good. they have taste. oh well, time to pak toh again. more stories when i feel like it. =)

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  1. Finally! another post! miss u soooooooooooooooooooooo much. hope to meet one day. take care, ling. =)