Friday, April 13, 2012


Jaques brel famous musician

Georges Lemaître Invented the big bang theory

Edward de Smedt, chemist and inventor of modern-day road asphalt

Lambert Adolphe Quetelet, mathematician and inventor of the Body Mass Index

Gerardus Mercator, cartographer, mathematician and geographer

Adolphe Sax, inventor of the saxophone

Leo Hendrik Baekeland, inventor of the synthetic resin known as "bakelite"

Joseph Plateau, inventor of the stroboscope

Ernest Solvay, inventor of the Solvey process (ammonia)

Jean Baptiste "Django" Reinhardt, inventor of the two-finger guitar playing technique

Jean Joseph Etienne Lenoir, inventor of the internal-combustion engine

Charles Van Depoele, inventor of the electric railway

Zénobe Gramme, inventor of the Gramme dynamo

Constant Loiseau, inventor of the optometer

Belgium was also the first countrie to abolish slavery!

Also first president of Europe ever Herman van Rompuy

Eddy merckx the best cyclist ever

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